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I’ve never had a blog before, a new adventure awaits.  I have begun a quest for order in my life, this seems as good a place as any to document the attempt.  Let me start off.  I have 5 children . . . “what are you crazy”  the answer to that is simple, “YES.”  That is why I am seeking for order.  I know it is out there and I hope I’m on the path to finding it.  I’ve been fantasizing about this for a long time.  Many books, web pages, and friendly advice have reached my mind, and I am now ready to put it all into practice.  First things first, identify my biggest hindrance, that’s easy, I’m beat, tired, ornery, blahhhhh.   Actually that’s a little bit of a fib, I used to be that, and indeed it was my biggest problem, so I tackled it first, started by deliberately drinking enough water everyday.  I can’t believe how little water I normally drank in a day.  There were a bunch of health problems I finally decided to solve and conquer, still in that process, but I am oh so much better than before, but that’s another story you can see later, I’ll post later.  Point is: first I had to get feeling more up to my tasks.  The only bad part of that was, how open my eyes became to things I had just not cared to notice when I felt awful.  My house was seriously a disaster.  Next hindrance, my kids are sweet little darlings on the outside, but on the inside, they are cunniving, little terrors who never obey and complain and whine and bother each other to no end.  I speculate that is because I have no clear cut directions or discipline program – at least not a consistent one.  I don’t let them get away with things, but I’m not always consistent and I don’t follow through.  I’m going to change that starting today.  I’ve been building an on line resource for myself, mainly because I couldn’t find one that I liked, to track their responsibilities give them points etc.  It is dangerously close to becoming operational -YEEEESSSSS finally.  When I have it perfected, I’ll open it up to share.  I have to keep on the down low however, because if children knew how easy this would make there parents lives be they would surely sabatosh it.  More to come later.

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