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Explore The Journey Home Page
Explore the Journey is an exciting way for kids to share creative ideas with peers, discover new interests, set goals, keep track of progress and participate in friendly competitions for various prizes. It encourages and motivates children to learn and explore the real world around them while also connecting with each other in the cyber world.

Children will have opportunities to explore and expand their intellectual prowess, physical coordination and stamina, social and emotional awareness, creativity, and healthy personal habits by choosing activities from the following challenge areas.

There will be some activities in each of these areas available throughout the year; each month new activities will be available as well. There are also options to set up customized challenges in each area.

Basic: no cost
Children can participate in monthly activities and track their progress, however: prize drawings, voting, and contests will only be unlocked with a Family Subscription.

Family: $13.00 per month
(includes up to 6 children 17 and under)

Participate in all contests, prize drawings, and voting. Subscriptions are allowed at anytime and can be accessed by clicking on the Account Info (paren't only) link found at the top right of every page.

Please note: tickets earned will only be added to the drawing when full access is unlocked by subscribing to the Family Plan.

Click the register button on the right side of the screen. You will be asked for an email which will be used for future logins, a password and a parent first and last name. You will be able to choose a basic free subscription or a paid family subscription at that time.

Once a parent has registered, the child can login on the right side of the screen. Children will select their name to continue. If a different child wants a turn simply use the log out button found on the right side of the screen and login again then all the names of the family will become available. When logged in a child can choose what activities to participate in by visiting the Challenges tab. To manage activity choices and upload work the My Dashboard tab should be visited.

Each month there will be several different contests running for children to participate in.

Monthly Drawing Contest: This contest will be available every month, for every challenge a child completes, tickets will be added to the drawing. At the end of each month, a ticket will be drawn and the winner will be announced. The winner will receive a gift based on a category of their choosing (see prizes tab for categories) For Example: If a winner chooses the category Game Time the child might get a handmade chinese checker board or a stack of different card games, the category Winter Gadgets could be something like all the supplies to create an outdoor igloo. We try to make the prizes in this contest unique to the child.

Most Challenges Completed Contest: This contest will also be available every month. It is based on who receives the most tickets from completed challenges. The prizes for this contest will be handled the same way the drawing contest prizes are.

Contest of the Month: There will be at least one of these each month. The type of contest will vary, for example: one month it could be to paint your favorite sea animal, the next month a Mystery writing contest, or the next it could be to write an original song composition. The winners of these contests will be determined by whoever gets the most votes. All participants who have subscribed to the family plan will have a voting booth available on the My Dashboard tab.
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